We have put together a glossary to help those of us that are new to the modern cloth nappy world, it has certainly helped us to understand a lot of new terms and acronyms! 

If you have any more to add please let us know by sending us a message via our contact page, through Facebook or Instagram. 


MCN- Modern Cloth Nappy.

AIO- All in one MCN with the inserts sewn into the nappy shell.

AI2- All in 2 MCN, has snap in inserts.

Pocket MCN- The shell of the nappy has a pocket opening at the front or back (or both) of the shell to 'stuff' the nappy with the insert(s). The nappy type we sell at Sunny Bubby! Some shells have the pocket and snap in inserts to allow the nappy to be used as a pocket or AI2.

Part time set- This refers to the number of cloth nappies someone has in their collection. Normally when someone has a part time set they will use the cloth nappies during the day and disposable nappies at night. A part time set will normally have around 10 cloth nappies. 

Full time set-